Meet the Twelve Chimes Gang!

The sentiment of "Hey kids! Let's put on a show!" is very strong  on this podcast. This gang of talented friends have and continue to graciously rally around this project and have a great time! 

THANK YOU to all the actors, artists, musicians, photographers, singers, and audio engineers for contributing their talents and time to this project!! 


Aimee Pavy

[CREATOR/PRODUCER/DIRECTOR/WRITER/EDITOR] Aimee dabbled in writing and filmmaking until the lighting bolt of inspiration hit along with the realization that audio drama podcasting was an amazing medium to tell stories. Favorite acting moment was as supporting character "Muffin the Dog" in “Nutmeg” (S2E2).


Aaron Doran

[Actor] Aaron is an Odd Salon fellow whose talks about insect fights, football games, and more contain the high energy needed to keep the audience on the edge of their seats! He brings that same energy to the Twelve Chimes podcast as well. Elsewhere you'll find Aaron being a regular ol' guy around the Bay Area, working with universities to post Open Access research online, and playing board games/D&D with his friends. [Extra: Live Old Time Radio]


Aaron Miner

[ACTOR] Aaron is a working voiceover actor and teacher at Voicetrax SF with credits as the Gingerbread Man for Honda, Spokesperson for Visa, a series of monster toys and the voice of Jughead in the new Archie comic series. His demo can be found here and can also be reached at [S2E8]


Aaron Seymour

[ACTOR /WRITER] With a life long love for anything in the performance arts, Aaron did theater and made home movies through High School, later attending SF State as a film major. But life moved on and DJing neo-swing music and jazz standards and promoting shows around SF was his main outlet. Most recently voice acting in Twelve Chimes has lit anew Aaron's flair for the dramatic and he couldn't be more excited. [S1E 1-3 | S2E2-3, 5-7, 9 | Sponsor promo | Extra: Live Old Time Radio | S3E4 (upcoming!)]


Alexander Cukor

[ACTOR] Alexander has been entertaining people with his voice since the first grade when he discovered he had a talent for mimicry. He was selected over five native speakers of German to narrate an industrial video at a trade show that took place in Dusseldorf. And his Spanish is equally good! Check out his voice acting reel here. [S2E8 | S3E1]


Annabelle Zakaluk

[SINGER/ACTOR] Annabelle is a New Yorker calling San Francisco her home for 9 years. She spends her time swing dancing, collecting vintage clothing, exploring history, and singing with The Century Sisters: a 3-part, tight harmony sister act singing songs from the '20s thru '40s. Though she has been singing on stages for 20 years, this may be considered her acting debut. [S2E9]


Audra Wolfmann

[ACTOR] Audra Wolfmann is a writer, editor, and actor living in San Francisco. She has also been active in the burlesque revival since 2004 as one of the few female MCs, Odessa Lil. You can currently catch more Audra/Odessa Lil on the Speakeasily Hour Minute Podcast with her co-hosts Shecky Davis, Jr. and Klingon Vanna White. [S1E1, 5 | S2E2, 5]


Arthur Kay

[ARTIST] Arthur Kay is a sometime painter who also practices law. A lot of creative work is about learning new skills, and Mr. Kay is glad to practice a few on behalf of a friend who is picking up some new skills of her own. [S2E4, 8]


Beth Abdallah

[ACTOR/WRITER] Beth Abdallah, originally from Rochester, NY, has a B.A. Drama from Ithaca College and is a nationally certified American Sign Language Interpreter. She has acted, directed, stage managed, built sets and done costumes for community theaters, the National Technical Institute for the Deaf, the San Francisco Fringe Festival and Twelve Chimes It’s Midnight. She is also a founding Fellow of the San Francisco lecture series Odd Salon and an amateur silversmith and jeweler. And catch Beth's writing chops in season 2, episode 6, with her play A Modern Convenience! [S1E1, 3-4 | S2E2-6]


Beth Damiano

[ACTOR] Beth Damiano is an actor and voiceover artist originally from Florida. She has been acting for most of her life and plans to continue acting until the day she drops down dead on the boards or the set. [S2E2]


Brett Stillo

[ACTOR/WRITER] Brett Stillo always has something to say, whether it’s with film, music, podcasting, or a blank piece of paper, ready to be filled with words. He has scripted two episodes for Twelve Chimes (Superstitions and The Call of the Dead) and is working on his third. You can hear him with fellow Twelve Chimes actor/writer Josh Horowitz on the movie minute podcasts Five Minutes of Trouble and Five Minutes of Banzai He also is the co-creator of Swing Shift a pulpy short horror film that made the rounds on the Film Festival circuit last year, most notably the 2016 H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival. [S1E1, 5 | S2E1-2, 5, 9 | Extra: Live Old Time Radio | S3E1]


Cameron Eng

[ACTOR] Cameron Eng has been a producer, designer and performer in the Bay Area for over 20 years, creating theater, film, pageants, haunted houses and more. [S1E4, Extra: Live Old Time Radio]


Clyde J. Kell

[ARTIST] Clyde has created and operated an internet radio station for over 18 years, playing nostalgic radio plays. Clyde has always been creative and a visual artist. With encouragement from his adult daughters Clyde has taken his art to a professional level, working in a representational style with a tight illustrative hand, water color, pen and ink and acrylic paints. You can find Clyde J. Kell’s work through out the internet presented on several platforms. [S3E1]


Cody Nichols

[ACTOR] More than just a great voice, Cody Nichols is a professional magician, actor, and a lover of sentences that don’t end the way you pizza. Born in a town up north called Paradise, his dream in life is to eventually retire in Hell, Michigan so as to give the coroner there a little chuckle. [S2E5, 7 | S3E2]


Corinna Corinna

[ACTOR] Born in Mexico and raised in a culturally rich family of artists and musicians, Corinna has always loved the arts. At age 7, she starred as Satan in her own improv play in a talent showcase for the local bible study group. Nowadays, she spends her time singing on stage when the opportunity arises, and hopes to solidify a band in the Bay Area very soon! [S2E8]


Crystal Virgo Why

[ACTOR] Crystal Why is a multi-disciplinary performer with a penchant for blood, glitter, and ginger beer. You can find her all over the city if you invite her out; otherwise she's more likely to be in Hyrule fighting her way to the castle... [S1E4 | S2E6 | Extra: Live Old Time Radio]


Dana Boulé

[MUSICIAN] Dana graciously posts her work on the Free Music Archive. She is an American composer and singer-songwriter currently living in Paris, France. She tours regularly with her band The Resident Cards and also runs a children's punk rock program in Paris called Petit Punk Rock. Her latest album is We All Need To Calm Down. [S2E2]


Dana Kelly Jr.

[ACTOR] Dana is a member of the Furious Theatre Company and Assoc. Member, New American Theatre. Dana appeared most recently in a number of theater productions including the award winning production Grace, Canned Peaches in Syrup at the Carrie Hamilton/Pasadena Playhouse, and the SAG productions of Gun Smoke and CBS Radio Mystery Theatre at the Autry Museum. If his voice sounds familiar, you have heard his distinctive tones on TV commercials, infomercials, video games, or as off-camera characters in films, such as Must Love Dogs. On-camera credits include Shoe Shine Boys and God Made Man, as well as the HBO movie, Breast Men, music videos and TV appearances on Comedy Central/Tosh.0, Justified, Retired at 35, Working Class, The Practice, Titus and Girlfriends. [S2E5]


Dennis Hearne

[PHOTOGRAPHER] Dennis Hearne has been living in North Beach since 1965. He attended and worked at the San Francisco Art Institute in the late 1960’s through 1978, earning a BFA and MFA. His work is included in MOMA (NYC), the British Arts Council, the Fogg Art Museum, California Historical Museum, among others. He has been awarded two NEA grants by the Federal government. His work has been exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art (NYC), San Francisco City Hall, San Francisco Mint, University of California, Southbank Centre (London), Cheltenham Art Gallery (England), Penn State, UC Bakersfield, among others.


Eddie Muller

[WRITER/ACTOR] Eddie is a second generation San Franciscan, product of a lousy public school education, a couple of crazy years in art school, and too much time in newspaper offices and sporting arenas. A writer and novelist, graphic designer, a film festival and television host — a true man of the Renaissance! [S3E1]



[MUSICIAN] Humanfobia makes their work available on Free Music Archive. They are a Chilean computerized music & digital photography project created by Sábila Orbe begin at the end of 2011 as a project of electronic experimental music, varies into a lot of genres as: drum n bass, glitch, synth ambient and others. Check out Humanfobia on Bandcamp. [S2E7]


Ilana Horowitz

[ACTOR] Ilana is the daughter of Twelve Chimes actor and writer Josh Horowitz. She made her podcasting debut in a special guest spot of 5 Minutes of Trouble ( at the age of four. She is a talented and outgoing kindergartener who enjoys being in school plays and had fun stepping up to the mic for the Twelve Chimes episode "La Llorona." [S2E8]


Isador "Izzy" Penston

[WRITER] Izzy is a senior in high school and very much the weird kid who’s way too into horror movies. "Midnight Delinquents" is his debut podcast with Twelve Chimes, but he hopes to do more. He hopes to study screenwriting and film at college in LA. [S3E3]


Jeff Heermann

[ARTIST] In part due to his 14 years as a writer and designer with Maximum Rock ‘n’ Roll magazine and in part due to his own evil genius, Jeff is a connoisseur of the underbelly of popular culture and non-conventional art. His own work is steeped in historical pulp, comics, and noir. With an edge of intellectual sophistication, his work could grace the pages of an art book or punk rock posters. [S1E1-5 | S2E3, 9]


Jess Hutchison

[ACTOR] Possessing considerable sewing skills, creating exquisite vintage/historical clothing, and a penchant for disturbing medical history, Jess has an appreciation for history and for the macabre. And despite her strength of will, Jess has finally succumbed to the unrelenting requests to lend her voice to an episode. [S2E8]


Jill Tracy

[MUSICIAN/ACTOR] Jill Tracy is a San Francisco-based singer/pianist, storyteller, and “sonic archeologist” who has garnered multiple awards and a passionate following for her beautifully haunting, cinematic music, sophisticated lyrics, old-world glamour—and curious passion for strange tales. [S2E3-4 | S3E1]


Josh Horowitz

[ACTOR/WRITER/MUSICIAN] An old-time radio fan, Josh has performed on stage and screen since he was a kid, but has returned to the voiceover craft recently through podcasting. He co-hosts two Movies by Minutes shows with fellow Twelve Chimes actor/writer Brett Stillo ( and and is currently pursuing commercial and animation voiceovers. Check out his site and demo reels at [All as narrator | actor/writer S2E1-2, 5, 7]


Jude Lee

[ACTOR] Jude Lee is a high school student from the bay area. They have been acting and singing since elementary school. In their free time, they like to swim, play water polo, and have a good time being with their friends and family. They have been in many types of productions including musicals, one act plays and many others. They also write and perform slam poetry on the side. [S3E3]


Kiley Brokaw

[ACTOR] With her impeccable style and fabulous voice (and dubious love of clowns), Kiley couldn't escape being roped into playing the part of the evil, sassy, nasty, classy Louisa Charlton in the Ghost Crush episodes! [S1E3 | S2E3]


Kurt Ribak

[MUSICIAN] Kurt Ribak says his music is “Charles Mingus meets The Meters. They go to Duke Ellington’s house to jam; Cachao and Thelonious Monk sit in.” Kurt has shared the stage with circus performers, preachers and fire-breathing strippers, but never all three at once. He's performed in venues ranging from Yoshi's to a club where someone stashed a loaded .45 in his bass bag. Kurt rarely plays there any more. Kurt graduated summa cum laude in performance from Berklee College of Music. The fifth Kurt Ribak recording, Onward, will be released May 2018 on Rodia Records, with a May 7 release concert at Berkeley’s Freight & Salvage. [S1E5 | S2E2, 5, 9]


Lee Presson & the Nails

[MUSICIAN] With a five-piece horn section, the band differentiated itself from other bands of the late '90s swing revival by stage antics and the sinister appearance of band leader Lee Presson. The San Francisco Chronicle described the band in 1996 by coining the term "goth swing." The band won a California Music Award (Bammie) in 1998 for Best Swing/Cabaret Act and an SF Weekly Award for Best Swing Band later that year. Catch their latest performance on October 27, 2018 on the USS Hornet!! [S3E1] (photo credit: Philip Pavliger)


Logan Schluntz

[ACTOR] Logan Schluntz is a 17 year old senior at California High School. Though his school has a generic name, Logan prides himself at being slightly less generic whenever possible. When not acting, he spends his time running Dungeons & Dragons for his friends, discovering 80’s hair bands, and learning how to tap dance. He’s looking forward to starting Las Positas college next year and going to a school with a more unique name. [S3E3]


Matthew Nelson

[ACTOR] Matthew is a writer, actor, and filmmaker who takes himself way too seriously in his bios. He actually doesn't like this picture (seen to the left) but Aimee insisted it be used. He promises to do nothing but funny voices for all future Twelve Chimes It's Midnight installments. [S2E2, 6]


Matthew Zipkin

[AUDIO/FOLEY] Matthew is a life-long musician and career sound designer from San Francisco. After spending four years at UC Berkeley and then two more at Berklee College of Music in Boston, he has been happily mixing audio for film, TV, web and advertisement at One Union Recording Studios. Matthew performs live music in all sorts of bands from heavy metal to hippie jam to futuristic electronica! He performed live foley for a radio play at summer camp once in 1994, and has been desperate to re-enter the space ever since :-) [S2E9 | Extra: Live Old Time Radio]


Matty Stone

[ACTOR] "I am the ultimate quadruple-threat: I write. I perform on stage. I draw and animate cartoons. I dance. You must be thinking, what can’t Matty Stone do? Well, turns out there’s a lot I can’t do, especially that whole dancing thing. Yes, I have already lied to you, but let’s not dwell on that here." Check out his latest project, the animated web series "The Grand Lake" at [S2E3, 4]


Michael Dern

[ARTIST] Michael is a Bay Area based graphic designer and art student, specializing in branding and packaging. His work can be seen with Kinetic Steamworks at Maker Faire (May 18-20, 2018) and Edwardian Ball. [logo design]


Nick Rossi

[MUSICIAN] One of the San Francisco Bay Area's premier bandleaders, guitarist Nick Rossi has gained notoriety over his 20+ year career for the exceptional level of musicianship of his performing groups coupled with a stylish presentation that clearly takes its cues from the classic jazz era. [S2E9]

21427333_302226046912150_736740641424084229_o (1).jpg

Ojas Mor

[ACTOR] Ojas is a high schooler in the East Bay and is a huge technophile who loves to read about new technology. He also loves to program new apps and websites in his free time, has a green thumb which he uses to plant a variety of fruits, and wants to cure cancer! Check out Ojas' website here. [S3E3]


Oran Scott

[ACTOR/SPONSOR] Stylish man-about-town, Oran is a staple of the San Francisco vintage scene and his shop, Relic Vintage, is the best around. [sponsor promo before S2E9]


Paul Silverman

[ACTOR] Paul’s local credits include performances with A.C.T. (The Misanthrope), San Francisco Shakespeare Festival (The Merry Wives of Windsor; King Lear), Berkeley Repertory (The Alchemist, as understudy to Geoff Hoyle), Center Repertory (The Taming of the Shrew), Shakespeare at Stinson Beach (As You Like It), Pacific Alliance Stage (Inspecting Carol; The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas), Women In Time (The Apple Cart; The Misanthrope; The Winter’s Tale), Shee Theatre (Augustine: Big Hysteria), Marin Shakespeare (The Taming of the Shrew), Rough and Tumble (Tom Jones; The Misanthrope), Porchlight Theatre (Wild Honey), the Berkeley Opera (Beatrice and Benedick), and the Aurora Theatre’s (St. Joan). He has been a regular performer for the Actors Reading Writers series at the Julia Morgan Center for the Arts. He has received Bay Area Theatre Critics’ Circle and Dean Goodman Choice Awards, and was noted in Backstage West’s Garland Awards for his performance in Speed-the-Plow at Shotwell Studios. He holds a Master’s degree in Performance Studies from Northwestern University. [S3E2]

Pranjal Mishra.jpg

Pranjal Mishra

[ACTOR] Pranjal Mishra, more commonly known as V!CE, is a young artist, musician, and songwriter with a platform on YouTube. She also just released her first “EP Pre-Destination” under the same name (V!CE) on platforms such as Soundcloud, YouTube, Apple Music, and Spotify. And is currently #8 on Reverb Nation’s Pop-Charts for Cupertino CA. She is also an avid fan of anime! [S3E3]


Randy Lee Odell

[MUSICIAN] Randy Lee Odell has played drums for a variety of bands and vocalists, including Jill Tracy, David J, Eric Shifrin and Mitch Polzak. Bands include The GG Amos Band, The Cottontails, Kurt Ribak Trio and The Ralph Carney Serious Jass Project. With roots in symphonic percussion and jazz, he enjoys exploring a wide range of musical styles. [S1E5 | S2E2, 5]


Ryan Galiotto

[ACTOR] Ryan Galiotto is a Chicago born performer now in the SF Bay Area. He's preformed on stages from New York to Osaka and is currently hosting the monthly Dirty Talk Game Show in San Francisco. [S2E4]


Sarah Leight

[ACTOR] Sarah is a Bay Area actor who is always looking for her next challenge. She's driven, versatile, and always pushing herself out of her comfort zone. Learn more about Sarah and check out her reel at [S2E7, 9 | Extra: Live Old Time Radio]


Scott Louis

[ACTOR] Scott Louis is a San Francisco based voice actor who is old enough to know better. He has been making funny voices since pretending to be British in kindergarten and later avoided talking to people in clubs by speaking broken English in a German accent, yes? He would like to be a millionaire, owning a mansion 'und a yacht. Check out his reel here. [S1E3-5 | S2E1-3, 7]


Scott Owen

[ACTOR] A devotee of old time radio, Scott has been a long time supporter of Twelve Chimes and we’re excited to rope him into acting in an episode (it’s not as violent as it sounds…or is it?)! [S3E1]


Suzanne Ramsey (aka Kitten on the Keys)

[MUSICIAN] A picture is worth a thousand words, so you simply must check out Suzanne in action! See her in Bart & Baker's Whoopie and Peek a Boo! [S2E3]


Terra Williams

[ACTOR] Terra bases her life around loving things from the past: she wears, sells, buys, trades, models, and collects vintage clothing. When she isn’t running her online business, she can be found galavanting around with the Vintage Style Council, swing dancing to the hottest jazz, and haunting historic landmarks around the Bay Area. [sponsor promo before S2E9]


Tom Griesser

[MUSICIAN] Tom has done what most political science majors from Stanford do: pursue a career as a freelance musician. Initially inspired to play jazz by listening to his father’s Benny Goodman and Duke Ellington records as a young child, Tom began working regularly as a saxophonist on the San Francisco music scene in 1992, and resumed playing his first instrument, the clarinet, shortly thereafter. From 1997 to 1999, he toured nationally as a baritone saxophonist with the New Morty Show at the height of the swing music resurgence. Since then, he has been a long-time member of both the Marcus Shelby Orchestra and Brass Monkey Brass Band. Currently, Tom also performs with the Cottontails and B3B4, a jazz organ combo. In addition to his musical work, he played the role of an abrasive restaurant manager in a 2002 performance at ODC Theater of Howard Korder’s play The Lights, directed by Val Hendrickson. [S2E2, 5]


Zelda Koznofski

[ACTOR] Zelda is the nefarious ego of singer/composer/actor, Anne Feinsod. Currently part of musical duo Gelb Rot Blau as well as singing jazz with the Dennis Croda Band for over 15 years, and she spent six years with theater troupe Thrillpeddlers, acting in Cockettes revivals and Grand Guignol adaptations. Zelda recently wrote songs in a collaboration with immersive theater company Third Cloud from the Left. Favorite roles include Judy Garland in Tuck 'n' Roll Players' Club Inferno, Dr. Leonard "Bones" McCoy in Star Trek Live, and Clara in Dance Along Nutcracker performances with the SFLG Freedom Band. [S3E1]


Zreen Toyz

[MUSICIAN] Pushing aside the notion of composer or musician, the French artist Zreen Toyz often presents himself as Sound Sculptor or Sound Poet. He started with classical training on piano and percussions, but he did not like the stifling conformity of the academy and turned to the world of improvised musics. Check out Zreen's music on Bandcamp. [S2E6]